Man Proposes, God Disposes

Due to the surge, every January event has been rescheduled. I was heartbroken enough I had a hard time making an update here and on my Linktree.

More full update coming soon. In the meantime, did you know I had some novels?

Chunnel Surfer II

Chunnel Surfer II (There is no “I”) – I don’t know, I don’t understand anything. I mean, I watch, I read, I listen — but what do I know? Sometimes I think I have an idea, like there’s some meaning or something, but then it’s gone before there’s any resolution.

I sometimes slip inside, you know? Like it’s my story. I am sure, even. But then, well, it changes again. I think this is really me now, but is it? How would I know?

Maybe one of the others is the real me: the man who kills, the boy who hunts, the detective, the surgeon, the amnesiac, the victim. I shudder to think that some of those lives might really be my own. Their reality scares me, even as I wake from it into another. And another. Sometimes there’s a theme, I think, a reason for this one to come after that one, but even that passes, and I am in a reality, and for a time, it is mine.

Eastern White Pine

Eastern White Pine – A group of local teens seek answers to the mystery of their friend’s brutal murder, and the trail leads into a house whose interior leads to strange, confusing rooms.

Both books are also available form Amazon, B&N, and can be requested from your local bookstore or library. And hey, drop me a line and you might be able to order one from me directly.

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