March and April updates: a Class, a Show, a Conference!

SOS Improv is: Scix Maddix, Nathan Sears and Karren Shamo

Starting March 15th, SGS will be teaching SOS Improv at Alliance Theater, along with local improv talent Nathan Sears and Karren Shamo. This is a six-week course every Tuesday evening at 6:30 in the Boardroom at the theater. We specialize in those improv skills that commute to other realms of life! Some of these skills have value even outside of making strangers laugh! $10 per class or $50 for the full six-week course.

March 20 brings on the return of Gonzo Rising! A two-month rescheduling has changed the lineup a bit, but taken out none of the joyful weirdness! Get your tickets for the livestream or join the live studio audience here. This year’s theme is “Resurgat!” We’re rising again. Acts include The “Great” Demonio, Eros Des Flammes, Bunny, Lamar Kellywood and some surprise guests!

April 1-2 brings us to UVAC: Utah Variety Arts Conference! Join local performers, pros and business people as we help Utah’s performing artists — and those not yet taking that first step — develop their skills, get gigs, and get paid. This is a three-day conference. Tickets are $40 per day, or $90 for the full series. In addition to panels and workshops, the event will offer lunch and will culminate in a big allsorts show just for us! Artists-for-artists!

First UVAC presenter bio:

Dr. Louay Chebib, Vice President SCORE Mentors Utah

Louay Chebib is an IT and entrepreneurial jack of all trades. He currently works for himself as a technology consultant and teaches business and information technology for the University of Phoenix. He is a SCORE small-business mentor and vice president of the Utah SCORE chapter as well as the host/organizer for the Python Utah North Meetup.

“The role of good technology is to blend it into the background so people can accomplish their task rather than be distracted by the tool. Through volunteerism, I am able serve my community and make a difference. By helping others, I can make a small difference. When we cooperate and share, we help to make everyone’s life a little better,” he said.

SCORE (https://www.score.org/) is the Service Corps of Retired Executives, a volunteer organization to mentor folks starting up small businesses, with everything from filing and legal and tax advice to managing grants and fundraising to simply checking in an seeing how things are going.

Louay has been Scix‘s business mentor for years now, and is familiar with the needs of performing artists in Salt Lake City trying to make it pro.

Louay will be part of the Make it a Business panels on Friday and Saturday, along with local performers and non-profits.

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