Chunnel Surfer II

(There is no ‘I’ )

I don’t know, I don’t understand anything. I mean, I watch, I read, I listen — but what do I know? Sometimes I think I have an idea, like there’s some meaning or something, but then it’s gone before there’s any resolution.

I sometimes slip inside, you know? Like it’s my story. I am sure, even. But then, well, it changes again. I think this is really me now, but is it? How would I know?

Maybe one of the others is the real me: the man who kills, the boy who hunts, the detective, the surgeon, the amnesiac, the victim. I shudder to think that some of those lives might really be my own. Their reality scares me, even as I wake from it into another. And another. Sometimes there’s a theme, I think, a reason for this one to come after that one, but even that passes, and I am in a reality, and for a time, it is mine.

Eastern White Pine

Five teenagers enter an abandoned house in the woods in search of the killer of their friend Hugo. The house is more than it seems, and soon they are traversing strange realms of horror. Those who love of Stranger Things will enjoy this supernatural horror novel with a diverse cast and LGBT and Disabled representation.






Jack is a blind child traveling west with his mysterious uncle. Vincent is his older brother, fleeing a zombie horde. They must find their way together, accumulating allies, and face the thing behind it all.

Patchworld takes place in a world shattered in time. Each shard is in a different time, from three seconds to a million years in the future. And when a mighty cataclysm starts taking down the barriers between them, the combining of different times creates a chaos unknown to humanity — and the things that came after humanity.

Vivisectionists, intelligent insects, talking monkeys, zombies, hivemind humans, and lost loves populate the diverse cast of this story of adventure and friendship.