Virtual Stage Management

Starting in early 2020, in response to the pandemic, many performers began to create a new form, an online, virtual, live, interactive performance. Many quickly found that managing cameras, audience interaction, slides, music, etc, took away from the immediacy and connection of the performance. How do you connect with an audience when what they see is you flipping through screens and buttons?

Among the world’s magicians, in particular, a very few performers hired assistance in the form of a virtual stage manager. Someone who remotely runs the livestream, allowing the performer to … well, PERFORM.


Scix Maddix has been at the forefront of virtual shows since the beginning, and has had experience producing shows for international medical conferences, universities, and even world- famous theatrical venues like the Hollywood Magic Castle. Scix has single-handily managed virtual shows with Broadway stars, Vegas headliners, and international talent from five different countries.

Early in the 2020 Pandemic Scix also produced educational content training over 100 entertainers in a three-week course on how to produce their own virtual shows through their own home studios.Paul Draper


Whether it’s the popular Zoom or other platforms, SGS can support magicians and other kinds of performers through:

  • Setting up the stream or channel
  • Helping with setup, lighting, set, and being an extra set of eyes and ears in the creation of the show
  • Managing audience members, muting, spotlighting, and replying to questions as needed
  • Serve as a casual emcee, calling on audience members, relaying information, troubleshooting and assisting with jokes
  • Gather information and screenshots throughout the show and provide feedback afterwards

As the year’s challenges progressed, other types of performers and events also found the need for virtual stage management

  • Classes
  • Seminars
  • Meetings

And for those performing on stage, a hybrid show has become the newest thing: a small, safe audience with a potentially global on-line audience. Working primarily with the Alliance Theater in Salt Lake City, SGS has created a valuable online experience for

  • Variety Shows
  • Student Showcases
  • Concerts
  • Music classes

Jonathan Levey


Ever since COVID hit, I’ve had the good fortune to benefit from the technical expertise of Scix for my virtual Magic & Mind-Reading shows.

His patience, positivity, and genuine interest in both my performance and tech needs go beyond the paranormal. It’s been a true pleasure and a great reassurance to have Scix on my side. Having Scix ensures a smooth and successful online experience for my virtual audience members —which sometimes have hit the 200+ mark.

If you are in search of a top-notch Stage Manager for your online shows, look no further. You can count on Scix! 👏🏻✨

Jonathan Levey, Montreal
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