New year, new me!

2022 will bring more safe and hybrid shows to Alliance Theater and Scixxy’s Greater Shows!

SGS fans have the opportunity to fill out this brief survey to let us know what you’re most excited to see in the coming year.

April 1-3 is the Utah Variety Arts Conclave, and we have a survey to gather information about what local variety artists would most like to see in panels and workshops. Topics may include how to make a career out of your act, producing shows, taxes, developing various performing skills, busking, and a show! Registration opens in the new year.

SOS Improv is returning! A 6-week cycle starting January 11 at Alliance Theater

Jan 11, 18, 25; Feb 1, 8, 15 at Alliance Theater in Trolley Square. 6:30pm. $10 per class or $50 for entire 6-week course. Scix Maddix, Nathan Sears and Karren Shamo with over 100 years combined experience

Repo! The Genetic Opera is showing at Alliance Theater with a shadowcast

What is a hybrid show?

Alliance Theater specializes in the hybrid show: a limited live audience with an extended livestream audience. Think late-night talk show, with a live audience in the theater, but most people watch from home. We don’t have advertisers, though, and I think that’s an advantage. Ticket prices are set by the producers of the individual show, but are generally accessible — especially for a high-quality livestream such as we produce!


‘Tis the season!

So much to choose from, as events start to open up. NOTE: most of these events are livestreamed, and in-house audiences are required to remain masked at this time.

Gotta Sing! students will be performing tonight

TONIGHT -12/13/2021 – The Gotta Sing! students are putting on a Christmas concert at Alliance Theater. Seats are for guests only, but they’ll be livestreaming it on Alliance Theater’s Twitch channel. I won’t link directly, because we’ve been having trouble with bots, but if you know Twitch, it’s easy to find us, the user name is the obvious one. If you like traditional, family-friendly Christmas music, tune in!

Is this the Lord of Misrule … or are YOU?

December 15, 16: – The Lord of Misrule is on! Raucous, wild, interactive and different every show, this entertaining and irreverent take on Christmas is raising funds for local homeless causes. Donations give the audience the power to alter the show. Livestreamed and in-theater audiences both participate and affect the outcome. Tickets are free, but must be reserved.

December 18: Kiki Cabaret presents: Jolly Jezebel Jubilee: not family-friendly at all, this take on holiday variety specials and cabaret is bringing the best of Utah’s local performing artists on stage at the most up-and-coming independent art theater in Salt Lake City! And as with most productions at Alliance, this show will also be livestreamed. If you’ve never had a cabaret in your home before, this might just be the time for it!

Kiki Cabaret presents: Jolly Jezebel Jubilee

January 11 and every Tuesday for six weeks: SOS Improv is back! This six-week course brings Scix back, assisted by Nathan Sears and Karren Shamo, to start with the basics and build up to expert-level improv, with a focus on fun, flexibility and resilience that can be useful in all parts of your life. Safety and inclusion are priorities. Scholarships available, email scix@scixxysgreatershows.com to inquire.

SOS Improv will make a difference

Orphans Cabaret coming out of the wilderness

January 15: Kitté L’amour presents the Orphans Cabaret and local performers for Orphan’s Festivus. If you’ve never seen a Kitté L’amour show, you are missing out! Variety burlesque and a local band of slightly quirky, folksy, bluesy, rocksy musicians from out of the wilderness.

Repo! The Genetic Opera comes to Alliance Theater!

January 22, 23: It’s Repo! The Genetic Opera! the shadowcast that has been temporarily orphaned from Tower Theater is still at it, bringing this cult favorite to stage and screen. This highly-talented and professional cast bring an extra dimension to a movie that is already practically perfect! Livestream is free for this one, but get your seat tickets while you can, we expect to sell out!

A Nymph and Satyr frolicking at Lupercalia

February 27: Kiki Cabaret is back, with Kiki Cabaret Presents: Lupercalia. Little is known about this event so far, but tickets are onsale for Kiki fans eager to get in early, as these shows have begun to sell out. As with all Kikis, this one will also be livestreamed, for an inhouse experience unlike anything else you’ll find on screen!

Alliance Theater SLC
Covid safety protocols are in place


Gonzo Rising Fringe Fest finds its audience!

UtahTheaterBloggers.com tuned in to watch the livestream of the Hybrid show: Gonzo Rising Fringe Fest on Friday July 30 and published a stellar review!

SALT LAKE CITY — Over the past year or so, it feels like I’ve seen a million online performances. Scixxy’s Greater Shows’ Gonzo Rising: All-Weirdo Revue at the Alliance Theater is the first online performance that I truly wished I could have been in the live audience for—not because the livestream was bad, but because the live audience looked like so so so much fun. The show, available both in person and streaming on Twitch, is a series of variety acts performed by fantastic weirdo artists.

Sam Rust, Utah Theatre Bloggers

I am inclined to agree with every word of this glowing appraisal. It was (and is) an amazing performance by all involved, including the venue itself, Alliance Theater in Salt Lake City. The livestream turned out professional and fun, the show itself was one of our strongest to date, and the audience are all now fast fans.

Well done, Gonzo Rising family. Well done.

As I mentioned at the beginning, I really wish I could have seen this performance live, not only because it looked like such a great environment, but also because they mentioned that there were otter pops in the lobby afterwards.


Coming in 2021

July 30 Definitely come to or tune into Gonzo Rising Fringe Fest tonight (or one of the rebroadcasts)!

What else is coming up at Scixxy’s Greater Shows?

Aug 27 Scix will be participating in The Inclusivity and Diversity in Magic Conference

Inclusivity and Diversity in Magic Conference

Sept 3-5 is Urban Arts Festival, and we’re looking for a couple acts to fill in with Buskers Bus!

September 12, we have Doctor Finnegan’s Circus, a circus group from Louisiana at Alliance Theater – Utah Arts Alliance

September 14 Scix will be part of the McBride Magic and Mystery School presentation on Emccees

Throughout September and October Scix will be acting monster trainer at Fear Factory SLC

Darling Fitch

Early October we may get a visit from international performing artist Darling Fitch

And watch this space in October for a special unannounced event at Dreamscapes!

And check out Constellations on November 4!

Not to mention the monthly Utah Arts Alliance Kiki Cabaret on the last Sunday of every month, which Scix is the Streaming Wizard for!

Lots going on, including not a few online magic shows with Paul Draper, Christopher Howell, Jonathan Levey and others!

Come out and watch, audition, or book us for a show or training! Willing to travel.