What is “Vaudeville Revival”?

In short, it’s a return to vaudeville, a type of stage show that was popular 100 years ago. Modern talent struts and frets on the stage. Vaudeville Revival is distinct from New Vaudeville, which was a movement that sort of petered out in the 90s.

Vaudeville Revival includes a lot of burlesque, comedy, music, and a particular appreciation for “weirdo” acts, acts in the style of The Great Gonzo. Weird stuff, leaving the audience whether or not to laugh. Past weirdo acts from the Gonzo Rising series of shows include some dissipated clowns, gender-bending poetry, ballet-dancing dinosaurs, alien opera. You know, the good stuff.

And Vaudeville Revival also stands as a force against the homogenization of stage variety shows. Newcomers, LGBT performers, performers of all races, cultures and body types are welcome!

And vaudeville, of course, always has this benefit for theater-goers: if you don’t like the current act, wait 10 minutes and something totally different will appear!

Here in Salt Lake City (and virtually), look forward to some Vaudeville Revival out of the Alliance Theater, with some old Gonzo stars, puppets, edgy burlesquers, improv comics, clowns, and possibly a real, old-school revivalist.

Gabe Allred as the Reverend Griggs, Revivalist preacher and old-school geek act
Gabe Allred as the Reverend Griggs, Revivalist preacher and old-school geek act

The Busy Times Are Upon Us

The calendar on the News Page is less than half of what I’m up to! Shows, both virtual and hybrid, haunted house action, magic, production! Through all this, it’s important sometimes to step back and check in with our priorities and guiding principles. And inasmuch as we sometimes find ourselves in a leadership position, this is an important reminder.

“Leaders” can be defined fairly broadly, and includes teachers, producers, community organizers, anyone with a team: more of you than you think!

13 Inspiring Traits of Exceptional Leaders 1. They trust you to do the job you've been hired to do. 2. They seek your advice and input. 3. They find opportunities to let you shine. 4. They recognize your contributions. 5. They have your back during tough times. 6. They are master storytellers. 7. They challenge you to do bigger and better things. 8. They express appreciation. 9. They are esponsive. 10. They know when to apologize. 11. They give credit where credit is due. 12. They treat others with dignity and respect. 13. They care. by Glenn Leibowitz'
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