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Doctor Finnegan’s Circus featuring Le Carnivale Toxique

Doctor Finnegan’s Circus Featuring Le Carnivale Toxique

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9/12/2021 SALT LAKE CITY – Louisiana’s popular sideshow troupe, Doctor Finnegan’s Circus, is stopping on its national tour at Alliance Theater, in Salt Lake City’s Trolley Square on September 12th, for a 2pm matinee show. Opening for these rapscallions is Le Carnivale Toxique, fan favorite of The Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival from The Puppets in the City.

Doctor Finnegan’s Circus is a comedy circus troupe specializing in American sideshow style entertainment, headed by Doctor Finnegan with Chip Rascal and The Reverend Sean Theroux. 

This triop, dubbed the “Looney Tunes of Sideshow,” has been entertaining audiences of all ages from Boston to Austin and all around the country for over a decade with their modern theatrical twist on classic circus performances such as Sword Swallowing, Bed of Nails, and The Human Blockhead.Their performance at the 2019 Southern Sideshow Hootenanny in New Orleans, LA was awarded Top Performance amongst the nation’s very best performance artists.

Le Carnivale Toxique is a production of Puppets in the City, and explores what happens when would-be robbers discover a hidden carnival in the alley where they’re hiding. The weirdest, most wonderful show on Earth brings The Acrobats of O’possum Imposdiboe, the Fantastique Fishman, Madame Le Roche and the Giant Indestructible Tardigrade. 

Puppets in the City is a non-profit performing and teaching company  providing puppets, puppet shows, workshops and general puppetry skills, with professional puppeteers on hand to teach and train in the art of puppetry. They also create puppets, scripts and shows for all ages with themes of no bullying, multi-cultural tolerance, and encouraging/developing literacy.

Kenshin Taiko, a cultural Taiko drumming troupe, will be thundering up the audience with “Taiko Tyme.” Kenshin teaches the art of traditional Japanese Drumming, with classes and drop-in sessions. 

Doctor Finnegan’s Circus Featuring Le Carnivale Toxique is being brought to Salt Lake City by Scixxy’s Greater Shows, a local small production company specializing in weird and untoward shows with a focus on variety, diversity and inclusion.

Alliance Theater is part of the Utah Arts Alliance, a Utah non-profit dedicated to fostering the arts in all forms to create an AWARE, EMPOWERED, and CONNECTED community.

This show will be livestreamed throughout the world, with an intimate studio audience at the theater where these stunning acts will be performing. Tickets are $10 for the livestream and $15 for a seat in theater.


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For any questions, call Scix Maddix at 385 419 8790


Gonzo Rising Fringe Fest finds its audience! tuned in to watch the livestream of the Hybrid show: Gonzo Rising Fringe Fest on Friday July 30 and published a stellar review!

SALT LAKE CITY — Over the past year or so, it feels like I’ve seen a million online performances. Scixxy’s Greater Shows’ Gonzo Rising: All-Weirdo Revue at the Alliance Theater is the first online performance that I truly wished I could have been in the live audience for—not because the livestream was bad, but because the live audience looked like so so so much fun. The show, available both in person and streaming on Twitch, is a series of variety acts performed by fantastic weirdo artists.

Sam Rust, Utah Theatre Bloggers

I am inclined to agree with every word of this glowing appraisal. It was (and is) an amazing performance by all involved, including the venue itself, Alliance Theater in Salt Lake City. The livestream turned out professional and fun, the show itself was one of our strongest to date, and the audience are all now fast fans.

Well done, Gonzo Rising family. Well done.

As I mentioned at the beginning, I really wish I could have seen this performance live, not only because it looked like such a great environment, but also because they mentioned that there were otter pops in the lobby afterwards.


Coming in 2021

July 30 Definitely come to or tune into Gonzo Rising Fringe Fest tonight (or one of the rebroadcasts)!

What else is coming up at Scixxy’s Greater Shows?

Aug 27 Scix will be participating in The Inclusivity and Diversity in Magic Conference

Inclusivity and Diversity in Magic Conference

Sept 3-5 is Urban Arts Festival, and we’re looking for a couple acts to fill in with Buskers Bus!

September 12, we have Doctor Finnegan’s Circus, a circus group from Louisiana at Alliance Theater – Utah Arts Alliance

September 14 Scix will be part of the McBride Magic and Mystery School presentation on Emccees

Throughout September and October Scix will be acting monster trainer at Fear Factory SLC

Darling Fitch

Early October we may get a visit from international performing artist Darling Fitch

And watch this space in October for a special unannounced event at Dreamscapes!

And check out Constellations on November 4!

Not to mention the monthly Utah Arts Alliance Kiki Cabaret on the last Sunday of every month, which Scix is the Streaming Wizard for!

Lots going on, including not a few online magic shows with Paul Draper, Christopher Howell, Jonathan Levey and others!

Come out and watch, audition, or book us for a show or training! Willing to travel.


What is “Vaudeville Revival”?

In short, it’s a return to vaudeville, a type of stage show that was popular 100 years ago. Modern talent struts and frets on the stage. Vaudeville Revival is distinct from New Vaudeville, which was a movement that sort of petered out in the 90s.

Vaudeville Revival includes a lot of burlesque, comedy, music, and a particular appreciation for “weirdo” acts, acts in the style of The Great Gonzo. Weird stuff, leaving the audience whether or not to laugh. Past weirdo acts from the Gonzo Rising series of shows include some dissipated clowns, gender-bending poetry, ballet-dancing dinosaurs, alien opera. You know, the good stuff.

And Vaudeville Revival also stands as a force against the homogenization of stage variety shows. Newcomers, LGBT performers, performers of all races, cultures and body types are welcome!

And vaudeville, of course, always has this benefit for theater-goers: if you don’t like the current act, wait 10 minutes and something totally different will appear!

Here in Salt Lake City (and virtually), look forward to some Vaudeville Revival out of the Alliance Theater, with some old Gonzo stars, puppets, edgy burlesquers, improv comics, clowns, and possibly a real, old-school revivalist.

Gabe Allred as the Reverend Griggs, Revivalist preacher and old-school geek act
Gabe Allred as the Reverend Griggs, Revivalist preacher and old-school geek act