Coming Events

December’s upcoming events!

Events roundup!

Utah Arts Alliance Bizarre Bazaar is open in South Town Mall — local artists and weirdos have a space to show off their stuff! And what else is happening there? Stay tuned to find out.

If you are an artist or know an artist who would like to try their hand at the gallery biz, send them to

At Alliance Theater – Utah Arts Alliance we have some cool stuff coming up!

Come check out Constellations on the 4th and 5th, an amazing and surreal play produced by Lightspeed Theatre Company. Alliance Theater’s first play! Warning, you might cry.

The 5th is Jacob‘s and Scix’s first anniversary! Not sure what we’re doing, but probably not much. The promised big reception will have to wait another year, we’re really comfortable enough with numbers to feel safe throwing a shindig.

On Thursday the 9th, the Mundi Project is having a free holiday concert!

Friday the 10th we’re having a night of comedy! Put together by our very own Paula Webster-Ravest, check back for more details soon!

December 12th’s Krampus Night celebration is cancelled, sorry to say, and we’re all disappointed, but for a variety of reasons this was not the time. HOWEVER, the Dreamscapes crew have a great show planned after the new year, so stay tuned!

December 15th and 16th is The Lord of Misrule, a fantastic production by RJ Walker. Tickets are free, donations will be accepted to help the local homeless population.

Kiki Cabaret returns Sunday the 19th (though date is subject to change), and I think that takes us through the end of the year. Quite a time!

Keep checking in for announcements for what’s coming up in 2022! Look for a return of Gonzo Rising, the Circus of the Strange, and SOS Improv, as well as more virtual and hybrid events available all across the planet!

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